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When an electrical switchboard faulted, it blew up a 3,000 amp, 480 volt main breaker and two distribution sections, Player and Company was called in to assess the damage and develop a plan for immediate repair. In order to get this poultry processing plant back up and running as quickly as possible, the left over wiring was spliced back together and temporarily powered up.

Player and Company then went to work on the permanent fix for plant. Six sections of distribution gear were removed beginning on a Friday morning. Six new sections of distribution gear and one new 3,000 amp main breaker were installed in their place. Then the arduous task of terminating hundreds and hundreds of wires commenced.

With crews working around the clock for two full days, the job was completed, tested, and placed back in service within two days. The plant equipment was placed back in service on Sunday. Poultry processing to full plant capacity resumed on Monday morning. When an electrical emergency occurs, who else would you call but Player and Company electricians!