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3E: Essential. Energy & Environmental Infrastructure Services

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Project Detail:
• Upgrade the gas system in the Atlanta metro area
• 4,000 feet of HDD 12″ ( under road and highways)
• 90% of the project was in the roadway
• Multiple drills included  with longest being 1,200 feet
• Provided on-site office for Owner’s (AGL) inspectors and environment team (15 people)
• Benton onsite staff included: Welder Chiefs, Foreman, Superintendents, Enviro crews, Yard Guys,
Office Personnel, and Project Managers
• Constructed large Launcher and Receiver/ Regulator site for Duluth project

• Crew Size: 4 x 12 man crews, 8 welders, and trucking crews. Up to 100 employees at peak