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3E: Essential. Energy & Environmental Infrastructure Services

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Player and Company has constructed and installed the prime power system for a new 1300-room hotel near Montego Bay, Jamaica. The plant was needed because Jamaica’s power company could not provide adequate power to meet the demands of the new resort.

The system consists of three 1.25 megawatt generators and one 1.85 megawatt back-up generator for use in a storm catastrophe of other emergency. A storage capacity for 90,000 gallons of diesel fuel will keep the plant operating for 20 days. The generators are set on spring isolators with the muffler and exhaust piping routed to the building exterior. Each generator has a 150 gallon day tank, fuel cooler, exhaust fan, remote radiator and a heat recovery system that provides heated water to the hotel. The electrical system consists of parallelling switchgear, redundant house power supply by 480 volt transformers and a 5 kilovolt distribution system. Switchgear, the motor control center, transformers and wiring for the prime power system were installed by Player.

The fuel and water piping were fabricated in Player and Company’s Atlanta shop and shipped to the job site by containership along with all materials, tools and other equipment.